Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Flat, cold, and snowy

As I look out my office window I can see the
snow falling... yet again. At least it's putting a fresh
coating on the dirty piles of snow that have yet to
melt from the last 2 major storms. Looking at the
surf forecast for the next week or so here in NJ doesn't
exactly fill me with excitement. It's going to be flat...again.
It's been flat, cold, and snowy for way too long this winter.
Not much joy amongst the local crew.

Seems to me that people are coping with all this in a few
observable ways. Some are putting their heads down and
trudging along, doing what they have to do. They are kind
of stoic, not really complaining. They are just putting one
foot in front of the other and moving along. Than there are
those who accept their fate making the best of what they can't
change. They're heading to the nearby mountains where the
snow and conditions are amazing. Than there are those who seem
to be able to do little but complain. It's almost as if they have
given up, given in to depression. I'm not at all a fan of flat, cold,
or snow but I'm lucky enough to be able to escape.

With winter, like all the other stressors in life, there are really
only 3 things we ever can do to cope - 1) remove the stressor;
2) remove ourselves; or, 3) learn to cope as best we can as to not
let the stressor get to us. Which way are you choosing to cope
with the flat, cold, and snow? Is it working for you?