Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring might be here

The calendar tells me that April is almost over and that May
 is but a few days away.  We keep getting teased with the
weather. One day it is sunny and almost warm enough to
wear flip flops and shorts, the next day it's back to fleece and socks.
The ocean is very slowly warming. It might actually make it to 50
in the next few days!

I actually was able to surf without a hood today!  Small pleasures
abound. I could hear the sounds without the neoprene filter.  I could
have a conversation without speaking in a loud voice.  I could feel
the sun warming my face.  As wonderful as these little things are I still
find myself impatient, I want more. Guess that's not uncommon for us
all. We often want more quicker and forget that as the old saying goes
"all good things come to those who wait".  Waiting can be really hard.

I've been lucky enough to surf a lot this winter in the warm waters of
Rincon PR.  My trips there help me stay out of the cold water and the
dreaded (for me) 5 mil wetsuit, boots, gloves, and hood.  Every spring
upon my return I have to put the suit on if I want to surf.  I have to
endure the extra weight, the slowness that a 5 mil forces on us all.
Someone today was thrilled. They had on a 4 mil without a hood.
"feels almost like board shorts" he said. So great.

Being patient looking for the little victories and enduring some of the
difficulties just might be a great way to look at life. Certainly is a way
to look at spring. Guess I have to enjoy it and not wish my spring away,
not jones for summer, and appreciate the little things.