Saturday, April 9, 2011


A surfing friend of mine has been writing a blog about
her fitness adventures. She has been on a good program
of diet and training and is really happy about her results.
I made a comment to her asking if she thought her new regime
was sustainable? All too often I see people who get excited about
a diet, a workout routine, a life change they've made, only to
be unable to keep at it, unable to sustain the change.

Sustainability is a word and issue I've been thinking quite a bit
about lately. So much of what we do as individuals and as citizens
of the planet Earth is not sustainable. I'm sure you've heard the
dire forecasts regarding the fish in the ocean. If we don't change
our present practices there will be no fish to eat by 2050. Our
current fishing practices are not sustainable. Our current addiction
to oil...not sustainable. Our continued use of plastic and the adverse
impact it has on our planet...not sustainable.

Looking at sustainability from a more individual perspective might
force you to ask some interesting questions about your own lifestyle
and habits. What are you doing that's simply not sustainable, that you
just can't keep doing with having to face serious consequences some day?

Try to live as sustainable a life as possible. Guess that means eat right,
exercise, rest and learn to relax, have fun, find balance, and try to
develop good "attitudes of mind" as my friend Doc Paskowitz would
say. Make your life as sustainable as possible. You'll live longer, love
longer, and of course surf all the waves of life longer.