Saturday, March 28, 2009

Simon is one year old today

My grandson Simon is a year old today.  What
amazing changes have taken place in these 12 short
months.  His world, his capabilities and ours are
surely different than they were one year ago.

A year ago most weren't thinking about the global
recession, didn't know what AIG was.  A year ago
a glacier in Iceland was a few feet larger than it
is today.  A year ago billions of plastic bags had yet
to be manufactured and millions of plastic water
bottles had yet to be filled, emptied, and discarded
thoughtlessly. I wonder what a years worth of trash and
runoff look like?

How much sugar did you eat in a year? How much oil
have you used?  How many miles have you walked, 
peddled or swam?  How many waves have you caught?
Have you loved or lost someone special this year?

A year can mean a lot to each and every one of us and
to our lives.  A year can impact our planet in significant
ways.  A a gift to Simon, if I can be so presumptuous,
please take better care of yourselves, your loved ones,
your fellow humans, and our precious planet this year.
Do what you can each day for yourself and for Simon. Thanks!

Monday, March 23, 2009

No Blue No Green

Yesterday the water here at my local break 
was crystal clear.  We were joking in the
lineup that it was "almost tropical".  The almost
part was directly related to the temperature, about
43 degrees, not the clarity.  The beautiful blue
green water and the amazing visibility added a nice
dimension to a familiar break.  Seeing the rocks as
we surfed over them really enhanced  the experience.

The beautiful water reminded me of a recent talk
I heard by Dr. Sylvia Earle.  Please check it out it's
on a thought provoking web site  Dr. Earle,
on of the planets pre-eminent ocean scientists, sounds
the call for all of us.  Our oceans are not healthy.  Without
healthy oceans our planet is in peril. As she puts it "no
blue, no green".

That concept, taking care of our most basic resources,
really struck me as profound on many levels.  Sure
it's true for the planet, but it is also true on a personal
level.  If we pollute our bodies with chemical junk
how can we be healthy?  If we don't exercise the way
we should we can't expect to be well.  If our thoughts
are toxic how can we expect to be happy?

All our resources are finite.  If we don't take care of them
we can't be healthy.  Seems to me a quote from my
old friend Doc Paskowitz seems to sum up our overall
state of affairs these days.  Let me paraphrase " just
because you're not sick doesn't mean you're healthy".
Let's all work on health for ourselves and our planet.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunrises and Sunsets

Today my dog Happy and I watched as the sun emerged
from the ocean to start a day.  It was a truly beautiful
sunrise.  The sun was a brilliant orange red color and
there was not a cloud in the sky.  First we watched as a
tiny orange sliver appeared on the horizon.  Little by
little that sliver grew in size as the sky lit up with
beautiful color.  After a few minutes the ball of the sun
was over the ocean.

Happy and I were alone even though it was 7 am.  Why
is it that crowds gather in most west facing places to
watch the sun go down but rarely are there crowds to
watch the sun come up?  Surely it is an equally beautiful
and inspiring sight.  I thought so although I can't speak for
Happy.  We'll be back tomorrow to watch it again, no crowds,
no cocktails, no music, just peace, quiet and the promise of
another day.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

When stormy seas calm down

As surfers we are addicted to watching the ocean.
Some days the winds howl and seem to be
blowing in every which direction making for big
angry seas with out of control, unrideable  surf.  On
those days we watch and wait.  The winds eventually 
turn more favorable and organize the surf
into something more manageable, more lined up.
As the storm subsides and the sun comes out we know
that all will be well, that we will surf.  Not everyone
knows what we do.

Today a client of mine discussed the recent months
in his life.  He'd been experiencing stormy conditions
with out of control seas.  Illness and family stress can
do that. 

We engaged in imagery training during
our session using the ocean image, my client seemed to
respond.  He was  able  to calm his mind and body.  He was
able to  see the out of control seas of his life line up and
become rideable.  The lesson we, as surfers, all know
is a valuable one in helping us all get through tough times.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Almost perfect

This evening was almost perfect!  The sky was
clear blue and the wind calmed a bit after 4
days of 30 mph + sustained winds.  A great surf band,
the Supertones, was playing at Calypso for happy hour.
The crowd of  Rincon regulars sprinkled with tourists
and those making their annual surf pilgramage were
all in place enjoying the vibe.

Calypso is a wonderful place to watch sunset and tonight
seemed just about perfect.  Everyone looked westward
as the sun began its' decent into the ocean.  The music
played and the anticipation of one of the best sunsets
in weeks was in the air.  Than it happened.  With about
2 minutes to go a tiny cloud, the only cloud in the sky,
drifted ever so slowly towards the setting sun.  
You could feel the momentary let down as the sun moved
behind the cloud.  Ahh.

An almost perfect sunset.  Oh well there will be another
chance tomorrow.  That's what is so nice about tomorrows.
There is always another chance.  For tonight, almost perfect
was really good.  A great ending to another day.  Celebrate
all your days.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


How lucky am I?  I've been here in Puerto Rico
watching NJ suffer through not only the most
significant snowfall they've had in years, but more
frigid temperatures and wind chills.  

It has been with mixed feelings that I've watched
the weather reports these past few days.  Obviously,
I'm grateful to be here and not digging, scraping, 
and freezing, but I also feel great empathy for the
people who are there.  A storm and cold snap in
March is hard.  Most everyone has about had it
with winter and is counting the days until spring.
As someone recently commented about winter
"I'm over it!".

Here I sit writing after a morning surf session, outside
on the deck, with the breeze gently blowing, and the sun
periodically escaping behind clouds.  Am I grateful!!!
Gratitude, research tells us, is an important ingredient
of happiness.  Being grateful for what you have rather
than looking at the things you don't makes us all
feel better.  It also helps to look at those who are less 
fortunate than we are.  Lord knows there is a world
full of people less fortunate.  Realize that you are blessed,
be grateful.  

I'm heading out for another session - don't mean to rub
it in. I am grateful and lucky.