Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Accomplishing your dreams

A few people I know are always amazed that a few
of my best friends and I rarely miss a swell. How do you manage
that they often ask? How is it that while we are at work
you are surfing or traveling? Arranging your life so you can
surf regularly is no different than working at a job you love or
living the life you'd hoped for.

Maria Brophy, the wife of renown surf artist Drew Brophy, writes
a great blog aimed at helping artists. Sometimes Maria's advice
is more about life than art. That was certainly true of today's entry
entitled "Breaking Through to the Other Side". In her post Maria
chronicles her breaking through from a job "slaving in the insurance
industry earning six figures pushing an intangible product" to "living
my dream life doing what I love". You can read her blog at

What do you want for your life? What waves do you want to surf?
Are you stuck where you are now feeling disheartened, dissatisfied,
distressed or even depressed? How can you get "Unstuck" (Dr.
James Gordon's great guide to overcoming depression)? Maria, Dr.
Gordon, and all who have arranged to organize their lives so they
can catch every swell or travel understand that all that is necessary
is to identify where you want be, take the smallest first steps in that
direction, pursue that goal with patience and passion, and don't let
fear get in your way.

Create a life where you are surfing the waves you'd like not one
where you settle for less.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

10 time World Champion

For the past month all that has been posted on this blog
has been a title 'Kelly Slater". Today in Puerto Rico
Kelly accomplished a feat unrivaled in all of sport. He
won a 10th World Title. No athlete in any other
sport has accomplished anything even close. Who has
dominated their sport for 2 decades? Who in any sport
can claim 10 World Titles and 45 first place tour victories?

The man from Florida has won victories in small waves and
in giant waves. He's won at beach breaks, reef breaks and point
breaks. This year he beat professionals who weren't even born
when he won his first title. His accomplishments are astounding.
His ability to, not only, win but to adapt to changing styles and
judging criteria is nothing short of staggering and inspiring. Adapting
to the changes in our world and in our lives is a trait we all need to

As awe inspiring and magnificent as his accomplishment is it is
also ironic that, as I write, not a single main stream sports or news
outlet has even made mention of Slater or his accomplishment.
Odd isn't it?

There are many many lessons today's victory has for those who
look for them. Commitment, drive, the ability to adapt, and the passion
to do something you love can help us all excel as we surf the waves of
life. Congrats to one of the greatest athletes ever in all of sport.