Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When is it too cold?

The surf here in NJ was as good as it gets this past Monday.
Waves were overhead, the wind was offshore, and despite the
relative cold (air in the mid 30's) those of us who surfed won't
be soon forgetting the day. How can you forget big, spitting
barrels with relatively empty line-ups?

Unfortunately an "arctic blast" has taken over much of the
eastern half of the country. Here in NJ by Tuesday we had
temperatures in the 20's with wind chills in the single digits.
Tuesday's surf wasn't bad at all, stomach high with offshore
winds. A few hard core souls were out braving the frigid wind chills.
The ocean temperature isn't horrible (upper 40's) but single
digit wind chills? Too cold for me. Maybe it's that I just returned
from almost 3 weeks in Puerto Rico and am going back in a month
or so. Maybe it's my advancing age? Maybe it's wisdom? Who
really knows. All I know is that it's too cold for me.

I have gotten to the place in my life where I know what I will
and will not do, what is acceptable and not acceptable.
I've become much more mindful and that's not a bad thing. Are you
doing what you want? Can you determine when it's too cold or when
something doesn't fit into your life's plan? Knowing is a great thing
in that it can guide your actions and help you get what you want in your life.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Same Ocean Different Place

Just a few days ago I woke up, put on my board shorts,
t-shirt, and flip flops and casually set out to check the
waves. Along the way I met up with a few friends who
were engaged in exactly the same activity. We moved slowly,
drinking our coffee and sharing conversation. The air warmed
as the sun rose brightening up the lush tropical morning.

This week I wake up in a somewhat different state. The
comforter that has kept me warm all night seems like
a weight to be removed. I labor to put on the layers of capliene,
fleece, and down. The coffee needs to be hotter and my motivation
to go outside seems low. It's below 30 degrees and the wind
is blowing. Checking the waves isn't a leisurely experience. My
dog runs along the beach looking for other dogs to play with. They
are few and far between this time of year.

Hard to believe it's the same ocean, the same surf check.