Friday, March 23, 2018

The ocean's not always calm

Sounds rather obvious, but, all surfers know that
the ocean is not always calm.  There are days
when there is no wind at all, when there is quiet
calm and the surface of the ocean is like a mirror.
There are other days when the wind blows gently
offshore caressing the waves, and then there are
those days when the wind howls side shore or
onshore and everything gets confused.

The ocean changes and sometimes those changes can
occur in an instant. We've all been in the water enjoying
a session when all of a sudden the wind switches or the
swell begins to come up.

What do we do when we encounter changes due to
wind, swell, tide?  Some get angry.  The pleasant or
epic session they were having gets ruined. Others realize
that the ocean changes.  It's all part of surfing...we know
we can't control the wind, the swell, the tide.

Life and the events of our lives are like the ocean, forever
changing. Some changes seem wonderful others terrible.
Some days the ocean is playful and joyous, other days it
is angry, frightening and mean. At times the ocean is
spectacular and awe inspiring. Such is life.  How do you
cope with the changes?

Surfing teaches up to stay as calm as we breathe...
to keep understand our feelings and limits.
It's not always easy.