Monday, February 15, 2016

Surfing and Mood

It's been a few days of record breaking cold in NJ.
There is still snow on the ground and, in fact, it's
snowing right now.  I haven't been in the water, thanks
to limited daylight, my work schedule, and uncooperative
tides in a few weeks.  I'm finding myself getting a bit
antsy and moody, agitated, and in a funk. Seems I'm
more motivated to eat things I shouldn't, sleep, and fritter
away my time.  Sound familiar?

Every surfer I know seems to get down when he or she
can't get in the water enough.  Add in a dose of low
temperatures, (making outside activity difficult - hey who
wants to jog, walk or bike ride when the weatherman is
warning about frostbite), and a diet of facebook photos
from friends who have fled for the tropics and you get
the recepie for Surfer's Seasonal Depressive Disorder.

We are better able to endure flat spells when the weather
is nice enough to be outside. Hey, you can paddle, run,
bike, or walk. In the summer you can swim, snorkel, fish,
row, or take out the SUP for a flat water downwinder.
But when it's cold, grey, and snow covered the options are

I know it sounds like I'm whining. I know, I'm really spoiled
and lucky - hey I'm outta here again in less then 2 weeks!
But, I've binge watched a bunch of stuff on Netflix, watched
my favorite surf related dvd's, finished reading a bunch of
books, gone through the current Surfer's Journal in record
time, and spent entirely too much time on facebook. I'd better
get back to eating right, exercising, being mindful and grateful
for all I have.  That for sure will help my mood.