Thursday, August 18, 2016

Different Perspectives

The wife of a friend of mine recently decided to
get a stand up paddle board and try it out. This couple
lives in a place where, during the summer, the ocean
is flat and waveless.  It's a place where the crystal clear
water offers wonderful opportunities for paddling over a
vibrant living reef. I like to call it stand up snorkeling.
That same reef, during the winter surf season, enables
massive waves to break in an inspiring fashion.  My
friends wife has watched those waves in awe often
wondering what it must be like to be "out there".

Being "out there" is something we, as surfers, take for
granted. You can't catch a wave unless you are 'out there".
Ah, but once you are "out there"it's special. Seeing the
world from the line-up is quite different from seeing the
line-up from the land.

My friend's wife brought home to me what we as surfer's
often take for granted.  We see the land from "out there",
that's a perspective we're used to.  She was quite taken
by being able to attain our perspective, seeing the land
from "out there".

Seeing things from a different perspective can be eye
openning. All too often we get locked in to seeing things
from one point of view and not understanding that there
is another way to look at things. What problems or challanges
in your life could benefit from seeing them from a
different perspective? Adopting a different point of view?