Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Do something nice…make someone's day

The surf was really fun this morning.  Wind was offshore
and the swell in the 3-4 foot range making for steep, hollow
takeoff's and a barrel here and there.  Given that it's mid
December having the air temperatures in the low 60's here in
NJ was an extra bonus. Oh did I mention a deep blue cloudless
sky with bright sun? Pretty special, pretty rare.

After surfing a few hours and feeling really happy I casually
stood by my car taking off my gloves and boots.  Given the beauty
of the day a friend, Brian, and I began to talk. Neither of us were
in a hurry. Brian was beaming, stoked about all the fun he'd had.
He went on to tell me that the fun was, in part, the result of a random
act of kindness from a stranger.

Knowing that the surf was good, Brian had rushed to pack his car in
order to take advantage of his window, between taking kids to
school and going to work.  He got to the beach and suited up only
to realize he'd forgotten to bring a leash. I guess he voiced his
displeasure in a loud voice filled with a few explitives.  So loud
that a guy who'd just gotten out of the water heard him.  "What's
up" the stranger asked.  When Brian told him he'd forgotten his leash
the stranger said "no worries, take mine, here's my address just drop
it off when you're done".  Brian was stoked!

Pretty simple thing to do! How easy was it to make someone's day
by doing a random act of kindness. Something we all should
think about.  When was the last time you made someone's day by
doing something nice?