Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Danielle dissappoints

For all last week folks were buzzing with anticipation.
All the models were predicting that Hurricane Danielle
was going to produce overhead surf for the weekend and
that the weather was supposed to be sunny and warm with
offshore breezes. It looked, for all intensive purposes, like a
perfect setup.

Saturday morning as the sun rose parking lots were filled
with surfers checking their local breaks. Cars piled high
with surfboards were cruising in every which direction. The
local early morning news reporters and weathermen and women
were warning beach goers about deadly rip tides and high surf.
The surf forecasting web sites had charts with waves in the
overhead range. The feelings of anticipation filled the air.

Apparently no one told the ocean about all the buzz. First light
revealed barely a waist high wave. Surfers on cell phones, surfers
checking their i phones and and blackberries were frantically
calling and checking with friends. Where were the waves? Someone
said it's bigger down south "just got a call from the inlet and it's
chest high". Another group commented that NY might be bigger
while yet another decided to head for the barrier islands. Surprise,
frustration and something akin to shock filled the air replacing the
anticipation of first light. Crowds were scattering.

As the day wore on the disappointment deepened. A few places
had a chest high long period ground swell that closed out or dumped
without much chance of a wall to work. Other spots around groins
and jetties had small waist high waves with workable sections. The
beaches filled up as the sun shone and temperatures rose. Most beaches
didn't have the predicted rip tides. News reporters looked a bit silly
as the live shots revealed small surf and lots of people enjoying the
ocean. Sure there were a few spots with rips but no mass calamity.

How often do you spend lots of energy worrying or anticipating
something in your future? How often does it meet the expectation?
Sure it's fun to speculate and make some plans but... Sometimes it's
good just to look out the window, see what's going on and live the
day as it unfolds.

The speculation and anticipation about our next storm Hurricane Earl
is beginning. Trips to Rhode Island, Block Island, and points north
are being considered. Who knows? Guess I'll wait and see what comes,
keeping my anticipation somewhat in check, not counting my chickens.
Not a bad way to live.

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