Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another new year

I missed it today.  No, the surf wasn't really that good. 
It was actually pretty cold with the water in the high 40's
and the air temperature in the low 30's.  The skies were
rather grey and overcast, a norm for New Jersey winters.

The surf was micro maybe knee high at best but the offshore
wind and the post-superstorm Sandy sandbars made for, as my
friend Rick calles them, "perfect little peelers".  I didn't go out.
I didn't respond to my buddy Tim's text.  He was "heading in for a
New Year paddle".  I probably should have gone. Would have
started the new year off on a nice note.  

I find with each passing year I need more and more of an internal
push to put on the 5 mil and get wet. That's especially true when
the skies are grey.  I know I would have had fun today on those
"perfect little peelers" but I didn't go.  Obviously I'm having second 
thoughts.  Maybe it's the trip I have planned in a few weeks to my
place in Puerto Rico?  Seems the more time I spend in Rincon between
November and April the less motivated I am to surf in New Jersey.
I rationalize really well.  I sure could use a new 5 mil but the cost of a
5 mil equals the price of a flight.  New winter wet suit or another trip
to warm water?

I know I'll eventually have to break down and get in the cold water
again. What other choice do I have?  Maybe it's a fantasy or dream I've
been having as I get older.  Why buy a new winter coat or 5 mil? Maybe
next winter I'll spend it all in Puerto Rico?

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