Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quiet time to think...or not

Yesterday was a clear crisp day.  The ocean was alive
with blue fish, the wind was offshore, and the waves
barely knee high.  There has been a lot on my mind
as of late so I decided to go for a paddle on my SUP
and maybe even catch a wave or two.

The beach at 10 am was virtually empty except for
a few fisherman and my friend Jim with his dog Diz.
Diz is aptly named he's a pointer with OCD who, unfortunately,
is fixated on his frisbee.  He sees nothing else.  Diz is an
amazing jumper and displays his skill chasing down that
disk no matter how far Jim throws it.  That's about all Diz
can do.  It seems like the dog likes the beach but how really
knows.  He is obsessed with his frisbee.

Back to me.  I'd gone to the ocean with a mind focused on
some difficult and stressful issues.  Not exactly Diz like but
I'm sure you get the point.  Once in the ocean it seemed as if
those thoughts took their leave.  I noticed the water was an
greenish color and not very clear.  I watched the horizon for
each approaching wave.  I enjoyed the glide of my SUP as
I rode each little wave.  I became acutely aware that I was
alone in the ocean.  I watched the school of bluefish making note
not to paddle too near them and making double sure not to fall.
Was I thinking or not?  The stressful issues I'd entered the water
with, for an hour or so, were gone.  No obsessive focusing for me.
Sorry Diz

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