Friday, November 21, 2008

Control what you can let go of the rest

The stock market is finding new lows.  Companies that
defined American industry are running low on capital and
asking congress for money.  Unemployment is climbing
The housing slump continues with prices falling and foreclosures
rising.  The retail Christmas projections look bleak.   Time to
go surfing!

I had a great session the other day.  Only 3 of us out in chest high
waves.  The air and water were both pleasant by November
standards.  It was one of those days when the waves keep coming
and you get a great workout...catch a wave paddle back out and catch
another.  I must have had a hundred waves.  What made the session
even better was the company.  I surfed with 2 good friends.  Ironically
both are feeling the impact of these crazy economic times.  One owns
a number of retail stores, the other is in commercial real estate.  You'd
never have known that these are troubles times.  We laughed, joked,
commented on the glassy, clean lines in the ocean, watched as schools
of fish broke the surface not far from us.  " It doesn't get better than
this" one of my buddies said.  

We don't have much control over the economic woes.  All we can do
is decide on a course of action and go with it.  Control what you can
control, let the rest go, and enjoy the rest.  What's the sense of worrying? 

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