Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Balance, Gratitude, and Love

What a wonderful few days, the kind of days that
you want to savor. I am amazingly grateful for
a few simple things. The summer weather has
been glorious. My morning rituals are a pleasure.
Wake up early, do a bit of yoga, put on my boardshorts
and t shirt, head downstairs for some coffee, and Happy
(my dog) and I walk to the beach. At the beach we meet
up with one of my friends, another surfer who loves
the ocean, and his puppy. Check out the surf, stroll as the
dogs romp, chase, explore and generally have their
exercise, and we make plans.

The surf this summer has been amazingly consistent. It
seems that we are surfing multiple sessions almost every day.
That's a real treat for New Jersey. When the surf is knee high
or under, like today, I grab my SUP and either go for a paddle
amongst the seemingly ever present morning pod of dolphins
and schools of bait fish or ride a few waves. I love the SUP
as a reminder of the importance of balance both on the ocean
and in my life.

What has been one of the more special parts of this new routine
has been the late morning trip to the beach with either or both
of my grandchildren. Simon and Lucy love the beach and the
ocean. My heart is so filled with joy and love as I watch them
in the water or wander along the shoreline. To them it is sheer
pleasure and newness. The sound of the ocean, the gentle lapping
of the waves, the ebb and flow of the water, the shells, the seagulls,
the people all take on a new perspective.

How could I start my day any better? Gratitude, balance, and love
all lessons learned at the beach and surfing the waves of my life.
I'm a lucky guy. What simple pleasures and routines do you have
in your life?

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Daina Deblette Scarola said...

This is so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing...I, too, live near the ocean and make sure I visit every day if possible. We are very fortunate!