Monday, July 27, 2009

It's easy being positive when things are going well

Wow, the surf just keeps on coming! What an amazing
east coast summer lots and lots of surf. People are
getting used to surfing almost every day. Spirits seem
high and not too many people are getting too upset if
for whatever reason, like work or family obligations,
they miss a session. Surfers are smiling and some
feeling muscles aching. The mood in the lineup seems
significantly lighter and more friendly.

A client of mine was telling me how happy they were
over these past weeks. The client is not a surfer or even
one who loves the beach and ocean. What the client did
say struck me "it's easy to be positive when positive things
are happening, when things are going well". They weren't
sure if they felt that because they'd been working
hard on reframing the way they looked at the world and the
way they spoke to themselves, or that nothing negative had
happened. Interesting way to look at it, kind of a chicken
and egg thing.

Wonder if the same applies to surfers. Is the lineup friendly
because we've had surf? Humm

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