Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting in over your head

Two nor'eaters here in NJ in 4 days. The beaches really
took a beating. The surf got pretty out of hand for a bit.
At one point during the storms I watched as a few people
tried to paddle out. They got pounded in a big, narly, dirty,
out of control ocean. Clearly they were in "way over their heads".
Those 2 surfers should have known better, should have
realized that no one else was even considering trying to surf.
Guess they just got carried away.

Interesting how many people are in all sorts of things "way
over their heads" these days. In the office every day I listen and try
to help people who have let things go too far, be it their
spending, their relationships, their drinking, or their
unhappiness. How many of us have let things go too far before
we've decided to address them, try to resolve them. Guess
it's just too easy sometimes to go with the flow and not confront
ourselves and our issues.

In surfing getting in "over your head" can be dangerous and
endanger others. Guess the same is true in life. Accept what
is, not what you'd want it to be. We all need to be honest with
ourselves and with the people in our lives even when it doesn't
feel so easy to do so. If the waves are too big don't go! Don't get
in "over your head" because sometimes it's too difficult to get out.

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