Friday, October 16, 2009

Some days are just better than others

Every surfer knows that some days are just better
than others. Perhaps the wind is better, the swell bigger,
the vibe in the line-up friendlier, the ocean clearer, the sky
prettier, and it seems that everything just comes together
to make for the perfect session. Then there are those other
days the days when nothing seems right, nothing comes
together, the days you can't seem to catch a break.

Everyone experiences those off days when for whatever reason
your mood is down and nothing seems to go right. Seems
to me that many of the folks I work with have more
of those days than others. Learning how to float through a
bad day without it ruining your life is a skill we all need to acquire.

So you got to the beach just as the wind shifted. So you surfed
poorly messing up turns falling like a clumsy grom. So what? It's
not the end of the world. Bad days, bad moods, happen. They come
and they go. The trick is to learn how to be mindful of your mood,
not run from it, and not let it control you. Hey, face it you've had
good sessions on pretty lousy days when the wind and waves didn't
really come together.

What's your day like today?

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