Friday, November 6, 2009

Sharing the stoke

I don't think I'm the only surfer who enjoys hearing
from friends who are on surf trips. Odd how, despite
knowing exactly what the conditions are thanks to surf
reports, web cams, I still like getting a first hand report.
Hearing or reading a friends account of their days sessions
is kind of like taking a vicarious surf trip.

One of the 40 something surf girls is at my house in Puerto
Rico getting her first taste of the surfing reef breaks.
The surf, thus far, has been perfect for her - stomach high,
light crowds, good vibe. Sounds like she's having a blast!

Being able to view things through the eyes of others can be, not
only, a fun experience but also a great way to become more
compassionate and caring. Empathy, i.e. experiencing the world
"as if" you were another, through their eyes, is a key trait in
establishing and maintaining good relationships. The noted
psychologist Carl Rogers wrote extensively about empathy.
Being empathetic helps us avoid being critical and judgmental
and encourages compassion. Perhaps you can check the web site and enjoy the recently posted lectures on
compassion. Compassion helps bring about peacefulness and
touches our best human qualities.

I'm looking forward to todays call from the 40 something surf
girl in PR. I know where she'll be surfing, I know the conditions,
what I am excited for is to experience it through her eyes. I love
sharing the stoke.

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Maria "Spunk" Brophy said...

Yes, it's so much better to hear about the surf first hand from someone who's there! After all, Surfline forcasts can't possibly get the stoke across like someone who just caught a long left hander in Costa Rica!