Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Great days

I'm sure you all have had a really great day in the surf.
A day when everything seemed to come together, where
it's as good as it gets. Doesn't have to be a giant day or
even a perfect day, it's just for you a really great day. It
makes no difference if you have just begun surfing, if
you are Kelly Slater, or some seasoned "old guy", great
days happen to us all.

I had a great day yesterday. Simon my grandson called
me grandpa for the first time! At 22 month he's developed
quite a vocabulary in both Spanish and English. Seems
that every day for the past months he's been letting us know
he's mastered new words, new phrases. What a joy to hear
him say something he's never said before, to watch as he
realizes that others understand him, that he's actually
communicating. The "grandpa thing" was different I think.
I'll bet he's been able to say it for a while now but he's been
playing with me and holding out. He just wasn't ready.
Prior to yesterday when-ever someone asked him who I
was, what my name was he just smiled a coy smile, a knowing
smile. But for whatever reason yesterday was the day.
He decided to say it. My day was made, my joy incredible.
Such a little thing meant so much.

What little things mean a lot to you? Do you seek them
out, nurture them? Whether it's having a great session,
making a personal change, connecting with a friend, or simply
living with the aloha spirit, great days can come from
little things. Make it a great day in and out of the surf.


Maria "Spunk" Brophy said...

I love watching my 8 year old do simple things, like eat or put on his shoes or fiddle with legos. It's so simple, but just watching this beautiful little creature brings me joy in little snippets of time!

Stray Cat said...

Sometimes I don't realize the perfect moments until later in life,especially with parenting. I like what you wrote re: "make it a great day." What we think about we bring about. Law of Attraction