Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Seal on the beach

This morning there was a seal on the beach
sunning itself. Not a usual site here on the Jersey Shore
but one we see every year when it gets cold. Sure made
the dogs curious! I guess the seal is but one more
reminder that winter is most definitely upon us.

Walking through snow to get to the beach is another
sure sign of winter. No subtle hint there. If you are not
from the northeast I'd wager that you've never seen
snow on a beach. You just might want to put it on your to
do list. There is an odd beauty in seeing ocean, sand,
snow, and ice caking the jetty rocks.

A winter beach is a quite special place not usually as cold
as the thermometer would suggest. Don't get me wrong,
I hate winter, I hate cold, and I hate snow but it's my
reality for now. A friend of mine wrote on his facebook page
that he was cross-country skiing on the beach today. He too
is no real fan of winter but as he wrote "it's what we have now
so might as well enjoy it". What a great life philosophy! What
great advice. That seal sure seemed to be enjoying the solitude,
and the sun this morning, guess it too was making the most of the day.
Are you?

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