Tuesday, April 13, 2010


In surfing and in life it's really how you look at
things that matters. What filters do you use that
influence what you see or what you hear. How do
your filters impact the quality of your life, your
relationships, and how you communicate with others?

I listened as a surfer I know talked about a recent
session. "It was amazing...so good and not at all crowded"
Another surfer who was surfing at the same spot and
at the same time told me "it wasn't really that great, the
wind was blowing hard and it held you up making it tough
to make the drop". Yet another told me "the ramps on the
inside lefts were great for launching airs. I had a blast!"
Three surfers all seeing things from their own unique
perspective, judging the same wave in very different ways.

I hear similar things in my office. Just tonight I worked
with a couple whose big issue revolved around one partner
hearing something through their own filter. What they heard
and ultimately reacted to was not at all what their partner
actually meant or said. They never even thought that
they could have been filtering the message through their
own perspective and not actually hearing what was said
or what was meant.

Do your filters get you in trouble? Confuse the messages?
Dictate your reactions? Try to understand and listen to what
is actually being said not what you think was said or what you
think it meant. Slow down before you react. The same surf,
the same time, 3 different perspectives. Probably happens in your
life alot.


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Kim Hamrock said...

Hi Bill, This is a great post. There is no part of my life that surfing has not helped me through. The ocean is so healing and reflects our lives in so many ways. The calm days, the stormy days, days when you can do no wrong catching every wave and surfing them perfectly, days when you can't catch a wave for the life of you or if you do you fall or surf like a kook! The courage the ocean gives you, the inner strength to face your fears!!! I could go on and on but I know there are so many of us that understand this.
I too ride boards of all sizes from 4'4" to 10'6". I also ride waves from 1/2 foot ankle slappers to meaty 30' monsters. I like the versatility and the challenge of anything and everything in surfing.
Kim 'Danger Woman' Hamrock
2002 World Longboard Champion
my blog is: www.dangerwomansurf.blogspot.com