Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lost in Whitewater

Wow, it's been a while since my last update.
Sort of like someone wiping out on a big wave, a Tres
Palms, Mavericks, or Waimea Bay type big wave, and
disappearing in the white water before suddenly popping up.
I've popped back up!

Not quite sure what held me under for so long. I barely even
remember wiping out at all. Guess we all get lost at times.
It's easy to lose our focus, or get too involved in some things without
remembering how important other things are. Maybe that's
it, I lost some focus. I got busy in the office, found myself
focusing on the trivialities on each day, dealing
with what might seem the more important events in one's life, or
maybe it was the joy of surfing in the warm waters of Puerto Rico.
Be that as it may, I got lost or should I say sidetracked. We all do.
The important thing it to pop back up! As long as we pop back up
out of the whitewater after a wipeout we're fine. Even long hold
downs have lessons to teach.

1 comment:

Carolyn said...

After reading your blog I contacted several friends who had not heard from me in awhile. We picked up right where we left off in our news and converstions, as though we hadn't been out of touch at all--but it felt so good to reconnect! Thanks.