Monday, May 10, 2010

One stroke at a time

Roz Savage and Margo Pelligrino are inspiring women.
Both have taken on extraordinary challenges to help bring
attention to the state of the oceans. Both are, I hope, forcing
people to think about what each and every one of us are
doing to play our parts.

Roz Savage quit a career as a business consultant after
realizing that the obituary that would be written about
her wasn't true to who she felt she was. She has now
rowed across the Atlantic Ocean and is presently rowing
across the Pacific Ocean. That's right, rowing across
the Oceans alone. You might want to check out Roz's
talk on

Margo Pellegrino is the mother of 2 young Children. She decided
that she had to teach her kids what is important by example.
She couldn't just talk about the "right things" to do. Margo
has paddled her outrigger canoe from Miami to Maine and from
Florida to New Orleans to bring attention to the state of the
Oceans. This year Margo is going to paddle from Seattle to
San Diego.

Both these heroic women are making a difference one stroke
at a time. Both setting amazing examples and calling us to
task. How can you change your life? How can you change
your habits or your way of thinking? As Roz said so eloquently
"one stroke at a time", that's how you row across an ocean.
That's how you make the changes in your life you'd like to make.