Thursday, July 8, 2010

No telling what you'll find at the beach

There's no telling what you'll find at the beach if you
just look around. The beach can be filled with treasures
and it can seem filled with trash. As we edge further and
further into summer seems there are more and more people
on the beach. Some of them are looking, some seeking, others
making demands. The level of enjoyment and discovery seems
to me directly related to they way you look and what you are
looking to find.

My dog Happy and I spend lots of time at the beach almost
every day. Lately he's been finding new dogs to engage with,
new smells to smell, new toys to steal or should I say borrow
play with and bury. I'm finding new people each with a somewhat
outlook, a different expectation. "Get your dog away from my
dog's ball" one owner said to my friend Tim as his puppy jumped
into the ocean after the ball he'd thrown for his dog to fetch. " Your
dog is barking" another owner told Roy. Yet another owner finds
tons of pictures to take of all the dogs and owners as she sits and

There are many more beachcombers these days. All looking for
something. There are walkers seeking peace, people sitting
on the jetties just taking in the scene, others take great joy in showing
kids the treasures they can find like sand crabs, shells, rocks, feathers,
the banner plane flying overhead, the playful dolphins passing by.

It's just like life. What are you looking to find the garbage on the
beach or the treasures. No telling what you'll find. Guess it depends
on what you are looking for.