Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bottle caps

It's become somewhat of an obsession for me, so much 
that friends have noticed and are contributing to it.
I've become obsessed with picking up plastic bottle caps
from the beach.  I can't set foot on a beach without noticing
them and bending over to pick them up.  I've got 5 gallon buckets
filled with them stored in my basement.  I'm not exactly sure
how I'll use them before sending them to be recycled but I've
got a few ideas for a guerilla media event.  Imagine dump
trucks filled with these multi-colored caps being dumped at
the state capital?

These caps have become a symbol to me of a society and culture
gone wild.  I recently read about how much we consume here in the
US.  It is staggering something we each should be ashamed of.
We live in an obese country that can't stop stuffing itself with all
sorts of junk.  Junk food, junk water bottles, junk junk.  Our national obesity
is symbolic.  What will stop us?  How fat do we have to get before we
kill ourselves as a result of our consumptive ways? How
many tons of bottle caps will I have pick up before the ocean and the life
in it dies?

Look at your own ways.  Our planet and health depends on us all.

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thetico said...

Greetings Dr. Bill,

I really wish there were more people like you in the world who actively try to spread this message of personal responsibility. I live and surf here in Costa Rica and I find the "gringos" are the responsible people and the ticos or citizens are flagrant violators of this country. For me it is so frustrating to watch a family walk down the street and while they finish their coke and literally drop it as they walk on the ground. This happens on the beach, highway, sidewalks, local streets, everywhere yet this is the ecological destination. We have begun a campaign to collect bottle caps and many surf shops participate. Glad to read that like minded people are around and care about the environment. One site I found has a posting about CR and another has some eco information about Jaco Costa Rica