Sunday, May 17, 2009

A car filled with bottlecaps

Do you have any idea what over 50,000 bottle caps
look like?  Right now, after a winter's worth of
collecting, there are 17 large, clear trash bags filled
with bottle caps filling my Honda Element.  We
counted the caps in 1 bag and realized that there
were about 3,000.  The 50,000 or so caps
in my car are going to "meet up" with the collections
of others.  I'm excited, afraid, and a bit disgusted when
I try to imagine just how many caps I'll see all in 1 place.

Clean Ocean Action is a New Jersey based non-profit that
for decades has been doing great work.  COA and it's members
have labored long and hard to educate, lobby, protest, and help
bring light on the issues related to "our mother ocean".  Today
they are having a big beach party to help further fund the good
work they do.  One of the highlights of the event will be the
gathering of the bottle caps.  I hope this overwhelming collection
can serve to illustrate the nature of our impact, the thoughtlessness
of our actions, the needlessness of our country's plastic addiction.

Everything you and I do has a significant impact on our oceans and
our planet.  Please stop thoughtlessly using plastic.  Check out the
Rise Above Plastics web site, look at the movie Synthetic Sea, lobby
your local and state officials.  We all must act to stop the insanity
that is our use of plastics. 

Next time you go to the beach look around at the plastic on
the beach.  Next time you surf look at the plastic in the water.
Next time you snorkel look at the mess we have made.  We made
this mess, we can stop messing up and take steps to clean it up.

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