Friday, May 22, 2009


I never seem to tire of hearing clients tell
me how they have learned lessons from their
experiences in the surf.  It is amazing how surfing 
and the ocean can present us with important
insights into ourselves.

A young client of mine recently told me 
he'd discovered that when surfing he
frequently finds himself pulling back, hesitating
when finds himself at the ledge, especially on steep
waves.  " I never seem ready to push
myself over, to take that last stroke and drop in.
It looks too steep... I feel afraid,  doubt myself,  and end up
going over the falls...You know, I think
I do that a lot in my life too" he said almost as a sidebar.
" I never get barreled" he added.  I could almost
see the light bulb go on in his head.

Pulling back when you should go for it based on fear
can prevent us all from achieving our life's goals and our
own dreams.  How do you pull back?  How has hesitation
kept you from the barrel? From the joy of the tube?

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David said...

So true. Surfed some sizable, choppy surf yesterday and mentally had to prepare for the drops and inevitable beatings. Once I committed to paddling into them though, I made all the waves and gained more confidence.

It's that mental state of committing and being prepared for the consequences, whether good or bad.