Sunday, May 3, 2009

Making the match

I love putting people together.  It is a real
good feeling when I can help make connections
that work.  Today was such a day and I've been
smiling all afternoon.

Jon is a friend and fellow dog walker with surfing
roots in both North County San Diego and Montauk,
NY.  He rides and values boards shaped by the masters.
He's got killer boards from both Donald Takayama and
Toby Pavel.  You know, the kind of boards that you stop
to admire and seem compelled to hold imagining how they
might feel on a wave.  

Scott, aka "the Mopper", is the kind of surfer whose smooth
understated style gets attention both here in NJ and in
Rincon PR where he spends his winters.  He is equally
comfortable and owns boards for  2 foot mushburgers
and  macking 20 foot Tres Palmas.  Scott also has an
amazing collection of vintage boards some so rare that
even the Surfing Heritage Foundation has been coveting
one or two.

Jon was telling me about a 9'0" Pavel gun that he had made for
Todos Santos but has never ridden.  It was an aqua colored 
beauty.  Not too many people here in NJ can  truly appreciate
or ride that board or the waves it was intended for.  Scott needed
to replace a favorite big wave gun since breaking his beloved 9
footers this winter at Tres.  "Jon this is Scott, Scott this is Jon" I
said knowing that they'd be stoked to meet and talk story.  Of
course I knew that Jon's Pavel was right up Scott's alley.  That's
all it took to make 2 friends happy, to connect 2 great guys, to make
the match.  Made my day!

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