Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanks Buddha

Yesterday was a sad day for my close knit band of
dog walking surfers. Buddha, one of the pack, lost
his battle with cancer and his time with us here came
to an end. He'll be missed.

I got a very touching email from one of Buddha's
owners, who happens to be one of the forty something
surf girls. "So much came into my life....thanks to
Buddha" she wrote. Oddly enough it thanks to Buddha
that she became a surfer. Being at the beach every day,
hanging out, and talking with surfers seemed to spark
her interest in surfing, put her in touch with the rhythms
of the ocean. I dare say if it weren't for Buddha's love of
the ocean and the connections forged with those who
shared that love, we'd have one less surf stoked surf girl.

There are those who say that when we need guidance or
help a teacher appears. I guess Buddha was a teacher of
sorts. One of the fortysomething surf girls is a surfer
led into the surf by a wonderful dog. Wonder who the next
teacher will be and what lessons are in store for us?