Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The rules

Summer is upon us. The water is quickly warming up.
The beaches are "officially" open and, as a friend says,
the eggs have hatched and all newbies are scurrying about
everywhere. This is especially true in the lineup.

Yesterday I got to watch the same scene play out over
and over again. Inexperienced wanna be surfers haphazardly
paddling to the peak without a clue, endangering themselves
and others. When someone nicely tries to direct them
away from the main peak, down the beach, where beginners
belong, a nasty exchange takes place. Why is it that these
folks without a clue get angry when someone tries to teach
them the rules? What happened to the idea that if you don't
really know the rules perhaps you should timidly sit on the
sidelines for a bit and learn them before you head into the

Knowing the rules doesn't only pertain to surfing. We'd
all be much safer and happier if we took the time to observe
how things work before haphazardly or impulsively charging
ahead without knowing the obstacles. We all can benefit from
learning a bit, taking the advice of "experts", and listening
to wisdom gained over the years. Don't be a kook in the surf
or in life. Take the time to learn the rules. You'll be happier,
safer, and healthier for sure.

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