Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yea but the surf was good

Saturday we had some pretty fun leftover surf here in NJ.
Unfortunately there were many many more people surfing
than there were taking part in the semi-annual beach clean up.
Why was that?? Not quite sure I fully understand why so many
surfers don't take the time to take part in, or regularly on there
own pick up trash from the beach.

It's amazing how much surf related trash we regularly find when
we do beach clean-ups. On Saturday alone I found 1/2 a surfboard
that someone had broken the day before; a leash that had snapped;
wax; towels that someone had left covered in sand; empty plastic
bottles. Now maybe all that stuff wasn't from surfers but alot
was for sure.

Why aren't we, as surfers, leading the way in the effort to keep our
beaches clean? Why can the lineup have 25 to 30 people in it and
the beach clean up crew only have 5 or so? Kudos to the few surfers
who did help. As to the rest...apathy will destroy the ocean, beaches,
waves we all love so dearly.

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