Sunday, May 8, 2011

Waves per Lifetime

It's rare that you get to surf fun A frames, with
oil slick glassy conditions, in the rain, alone. I had
that opportunity just the other day. On those rare
occasions when I surf alone I find it quite meditative.
As anyone who meditates on a regular basis knows
sometimes you become aware of interesting thoughts.

My thoughts on that day seemed focused on the concept
of "Waves per Lifetime" (WPL). Just how many waves
does one ride during their lifetime. Each wave is but a
brief few seconds. Each session is made up of a finite
number of waves. Each year consists of a finite number
of sessions and your surfing life probably has a finite number
of years.

I actually have no real interest trying to calculate the
number of waves I've ridden in the 48 or so years I've been
surfing. I know it's been quite a few. Some have been
really special and stand out in my mind while others seem
to be lost somewhere in my brain. Much of our lives go
by in the same way I guess, some moments very special
while others rather ordinary and seemingly easy to forget.
Our challenge both in and out of the water, is to value all
our moments, all our sessions. We can't forget just how
blessed we all are simply to have them. Enjoy...

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