Saturday, October 11, 2008

Different tools for different jobs

Some things are really hard to believe.  I live 2 blocks
from the ocean.  Thanks to both a love of the ocean and
a waist line that hasn't really changes in decades I've got
quite a collection of boardshorts.  I don't think I'm unique
in that respect.

One of my neighbors, a hyperactive home
renovation/construction guy, is going to take a trip to
Puerto Rico in  few weeks.  Those of us who know him
are all wondering what he'll do as he's not the type to fish,
swim, snorkel, surf, or see the sights, although he does enjoy
rum.  What's so odd is that, although he lives 2 blocks from
the ocean he does not own a bathing suit.  He has a truck and
garage filled with any and every tool needed to build or fix
anything related to a house, but not one pair of boardshorts!
Nothing to wear to go into the ocean.

Each of us gather the tools of our trade or passions.  We are
all different.  I gathered together a few pairs for him to have for
his trip.  Oh yes, the lawnmower and edge trimmer in my garage
are from him.  Embrace the difference, laugh and learn from
those who are different.  Laughing and learning are better than
judging and being critical.
all different

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Word Actress said...

It sounds a bit to me like your neighbor hasn't had time to stop and smell the roses. I know you know how many people would die to live two blocks from the ocean. Sometimes people just seem to fall into their lives without any sense of the joy that each day could bring to them. I'm a Pisces so I love any and all oceans - the smell, the feel of the sand between my toes, the water life in all its splendour, I think your neighbor needs what has brought me the greatest joy of all in life - a Golden Retriever puppy. (I'm a breeder so I've put 24 puppies into the world, have three now, and there isn't a day that goes by that you cannot get them off the beach. The most important lesson in life is to know what makes you happy and to be sure you have all the elements of that happiness in your life every day. Let's have faith in your neighbor. Give him those boardshorts and maybe the latest copy of the magazine 'Coastal Living' and by doing so you will be giving him back to himself...Mary Kennedy Eastham, Author, 'The Shadow of a Dog I Can't Forget' and the novel-in-progress 'Night Surfing - A Story of Love and Wonder in the Waves of Malibu'