Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The surf girls get wetsuits

In the continuing fun of watching and reporting on my 2 
friends who've taken up surfing this past summer I'm pleased
to announce that they are now prepared for colder water. 
Their wetsuits have arrived!  

It's so much fun to watch stoke as it grows.  The simple act of
buying a wetsuit, so commonplace to many of us, when seen through
the eyes of the "surf girls" was an exciting adventure that helped them
get through the early October flat spell.  Here on the east coast surf shops
don't stock a lot of women's suits.   Styles and sizes are limited at
even the best shop.  Our girls solved this problem by hitting the road.
They stopped at virtually every surf shop in a 25 mile radius checking
out different styles and sizes, making shopping fun.  In the process they
discovered that trying on wetsuits can be difficult and sweaty job!

After the shopping road trip they hit the internet.  I've learned a thing or 2 
from their research.  They found a shop willing to ship a number of
suits of varying sizes and from different manufacturers for free!  All they
had to do was try the suits on, pick the one they wanted and send the others
back.  How cool is that?  Oh I forgot to mention the 20% discount they got.

Seeing the familiar through the eyes of others can be fun, helpful, and
even therapeutic.  Try to see the world through the eyes of someone
you're having problems with.  It may take away some of the anger.

Now if only I can get certain talk radio hosts, tv political commentators,
and candidates to learn this lesson we'd all be better off.  We could move
from the antagonistic, venomous, hatred that has become such a toxic
part of this presidential election process.  

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