Sunday, October 19, 2008

Seasons change

Yesterday and today clearly signaled a change.
The high temperatures won't get out of the 50's
and the brisk NE wind is making it feel a little too
chilly.  True dawn patrols, the ones at first light
before the sun actually comes up, 
while most of the neighbors are still in bed,
and the only others around are a few fisherman, won't
be happening (at least not in NJ).  Those pleasant
twilight sessions with the lingering conversations as we stroll
back to our cars are done for a while.  Now folks will be
scurrying to turn on the heat and quickly peel
off  their wetsuits.

Seasons change.  Surfers are often more acutely dialed in to the
small and subtle changes.  Each season brings its' own unique qualities,
each helps us enjoy the others. A quiet weekday session with a few
friends watching the geese fly south is special.  A hot cup of coffee being
sipped while checking the surf,  a knit cap pulled over your ears, 
UGG boots warming your toes are all part of what makes fall different, special
in its' own way.

Enjoy each season of your year...each season of your life.

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