Sunday, October 5, 2008

Simplicity and Happiness

I've been surfing the waves of Puerto Rico for over
30 years.  I love the proximity, the warm water, the
waves, and most of all, the people.  Whenever I spend
time at my place in Rincon I am reminded why, in a recent,
study the people of Puerto Rico were rated amongst the happiest
in the world.  I'm also reminded of just how far from simple
many people have made their lives.

It's a just another Sunday here in PR.  I spent an hour sitting 
talking to a friend on his porch in front of his gallery.  A few
customers stopped in,  a few other friends stopped by
to chat,  and quite a few more beeped and exchanged pleasantries
as they drove by.  Under a big tree my neighbors have begun
playing dominos.  My wife is feeding leftovers to some neighborhood
dogs.  A mother, father, two kids, and their dog are strolling up
the hill after a walk along the beach road.

What are you busy doing?  Is it really that important?  What are you
 in a hurry to do today?  Her in Rincon it seems that simplicity and happiness
go hand in hand.  Maybe we all can learn that lesson.

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