Sunday, January 25, 2009

Look closely

The beach at Domes in Rincon Puerto Rico
is an interesting place.  Sure people know
it for the punchy waves that break there.  It is
also infamous as a break loved by pesky swarms
of body boarders.  On weekends or when the beach
becomes a contest site it transforms into real a cultural

One of my favorite things about the beach however is
something many  people overlook.  The northeastern 
section of beach is home to thousands of hermit crabs. 
You barely notice them at first but when you take the
time to look closely you realize that the beach is filled
with crabs crawling everywhere.  When I first point
them out to visitors they are amazed at the sight.

The world and our lives are filled with little wonderful
things that we can only see when we look closely. All
to often we don;t see what is all around and what makes
being alive on this planet a wonder and a miracle. Try
looking closely at the little things.  

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