Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Lucky Guy

I'm a very lucky guy.  It may sound trite but as the
t-shirts, hats, and posters say "Life is good".  Every now 
and then you have a day that reminds you just how
grateful you should be.  Yesterday was that kind a day for me.

It began with my usual morning walk along the beach with
my dog Happy  A clear winter day with perfect (for dreaming)
6 inch waves. Oh well, no surf.  It wasn't really even that cold 
thanks to Patagonia caplene base layers and a light wind.  Someone I 
barely know, a fellow dog walker and trash gatherer,
wished me a happy birthday.  How he knew it was my
birthday remains a mystery to me.  Sure was a pleasant and
kind surprise!  Next came the phone calls
from family and friends wishing me well. The calls warmed 
my heart,  let me know that I am connected and cared about.

After seeing a few patients in the office, always a grounding
experience, I took my 91 year old mother for a walk on the
boardwalk.  Sure was nice to get her out of her apartment for a bit.
Cold winters can be tough on a dependent 91 year old.
They can keep you indoors and kind of alone here at
the Jersey Shore.  That's not a healthy thing.  As mom and I
walked all I could do was think about how happy I am
that she is still here, still relatively healthy, still able to go for a walk.

The early evening brought more treats.  Steve Mullen, the
founder of the South Jersey Chapter of Surfrider, and
a really good photographer ( was
being featured at a new art gallery in Asbury Park.  A number of 
friends showed up to check out Steve's work and enjoy the opportunity
to spend some time together.  One couple, having just returned from
PR,  was filled with stories about their trip.  Another dear friend
gave me a big birthday bear hug, a card that plays "Wipeout" when
you open it, a gift certificate to my local surf shop, and a Cuban cigar!

After the gallery it was off to dinner with my wife, my kids, 
their spouses, and my grandchildren.  How great is that.  I'm a lucky
guy.  I'm blessed with good friends, a great wife and family, and
my health.  It doesn't get much better than that! If you look at it
the right way I'll bet you are lucky too.

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