Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Saved by the Sea

David Helvarg is an exceptional writer and ocean 
activist.  If you have never seen his books 50 Ways to
Save the Ocean and the Blue Frontier you should check 
them out.  He also masterminded an upcoming conference
called the Blue Vision Summit in Washington DC scheduled
for early March.  Google it and check it out.

David recently wrote an article on entitled
"Saved by the Sea".  It surely resonated with me and I'm sure
it will with many of you as well.  The ocean is such 
important place for so many of us.  It provides peace, solice,
joy, respite, and wonder.  I am drawn to the sea like so
many of you, like so many in history.

It gives us so much we all must do what we can to repay our
debt.  Become an activist who is committed to saving the
seas, return the favor.  How many times have you been
"Saved by the Sea"?

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