Saturday, January 31, 2009

1/31/09 Asbury Park

The sun is bright.  The sky is an amazing blue.
Frozen sand crunches and squeaks as I walk.
Happy runs playfully exploring sticks, rocks, and
assorted beach stuff.  There isn't a soul around, must be
the cold.  According to "your local weather on the 8's"
it is 21 degrees and with the wind chill factor 11.  I hate
the cold but I must admit there is something special about 

As I walk south along the beach I see the same view of
Convention Hall that Mickey Rourke sees in the "Wrestler".
The same views that appear in Springstein videos.  Something
about a deserted Asbury Park in the winter that is haunting,

After about an hour or so a few other dogs and their owners
appear.  The spell is broken.  Happy and I are both kind of
glad to have the company.  

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