Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I love Yvon Chouinard the founder of
Patagonia. He is a surfer, fisherman, hiker,
climber, a businessman, and an environmental
hero. If you aren't familiar with Patagonia and
the company's philosophy you should be. Do some
reading and get Chouinard's book "Let my people
go surfing" and it just might change your perspective
on your own habits. Check out some of the talks he's
given that are posted on YouTube. "Live an examined
life, examine everything you do" is Yvon's credo.

In my office I call it mindfulness or intentionality.
You might also see it as doing what you do on purpose.
Living an intentional, mindful life can make you happier
healthier, and give you more peace. The Patagonia philosophy
asks the same thing of business. Act intentionally, live, consume,
and even manufacture in an examined purposeful way.

The best consumer is one who consumes less. Simplify
your life in order to make it sustainable. You'll feel a nice
sense of freedom when you do. As I've written before,
resources, whether they be our human resources or the earth's
are finite. Make them last.

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