Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow on the beach

Snow on the beach are 4 words that just shouldn't
go together.  Not the image most of us like to
hold in our minds eye as a fantasy.  Snow on the
beach is exactly what we got today here in NJ.  Thanks
to a coastal storm we got about 3-4 inches of snow
yesterday.  There was snow up to the high tide line.

If you have never seen snow on the beach you should!
In fact, today convinced me that I need to add photos to
some of these posts.  It's kind of neat to go to the beach
on a crystal clear morning and see snow.  I'll admit that
it's not my favorite beach sight but, what the heck.  As
one of the 40 something surf girls said "isn't it beautiful?"
It was in its' own way.

The beach and ocean offer up many moods and are full of
surprises...just like life.  Many moods and many surprises.
What helps keep us balanced is how we cope with these
moods, these surprises.  It's not the snow on the beach
that presents a problem or creates the mood, it's how
you look at the snow, how you think about it.  How do
you think about your problems - your snow?  How does
your snow impact your mood?

Oh yes, there were waves and a few hearty souls out surfing.
That's another tale for another day.

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