Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shifting Paradigms

I read an interesting piece earlier today.
The author, a dedicated 6'2" thruster devotee, was
commenting how he'd ridden a Campbell Brothers
Bonzer recently, and has become a "convert".  He'd
totally changed his perspective on  surfing, surfboards
and surfboard design.

He's not alone it seems.  After the false apocalypse
that was the death of Clark Foam,  many surfers  and
shapers have changed the way they look at their surfing,
their boards, and their mindsets. 
Some are trying to recreate old shapes out of new
materials, others adapting and improving upon
those old designs, while even others are going way back to
the past and reconnecting with surfing's roots.  Fish, quads,
bonzers, wood boards, epoxy, bamboo boards, a total shift
in wave riding equipment is taking place.

The piece made me think that we, as individuals and as 
a culture, need to change some of our perspectives, shift
our paradigms. Opening to new ways of thinking from the
past as well as looking at the future with an eye towards
how things can be different can help us get out of the
economic, environmental, and psychological state we seem
to be in these days.  

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