Thursday, February 12, 2009

Too much of a good thing

We had a really solid swell today, an offshore 
wind, and fairly mild temperatures.  Offshore
winds are usually a good thing but not when they
blow at about 30 mph sustained with gusts close
to 50 mph.  Too much of a good wind can knock a
swell down in no time.

Today's wind somehow got me to think that we,
as a society, just might be in the straights we are
in because we had too much of a good thing and
we weren't really mindful of the consequences. 
Too much cheap gas, too much plastic, too much
easy credit, too much consumerism, too much overall
gluttony is not a good thing.  As we face the new
challenges of today perhaps it is a good idea to ask
of ourselves just how much do I need?  How much is
enough to make me content?

Strong gusty offshore winds can serve to teach us
many lessons.  Sometimes too much of a good thing
isn't really a good thing.

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