Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some days you're just not supposed to

Some days I guess you are just not supposed to
do certain things.  You can't fight it or get too mad
about it.  About all you can do is go with it, accept
it, not obsess or ruminate, and try to laugh at it.
Today was just one of those days!

Thursday is, for me generally a very busy day.  It is
the one day that I have to leave the house early to
see patients in The Center for Pain Control.  The Center
is about a 30 minute drive.  I see patients there and consult
in the morning and than head to my own office to see
patients in the afternoon into the evening.  I'm a dummy,
Thursday is generally my late night.  Guess I figure if
I've got to be in early I may as well work late.  I know
it makes little sense but...

Strange how many swells we get on Thursday's.  Today was
a perfect example.  Most would agree that the surf has been
really poor here in NJ this winter.  In fact I can't remember
a worse winter.  It's also felt like a cold winter.  Well, this
morning at sunrise it was sunny and unseasonably warm, 
about 44 degrees, not bad for mid February.  The wind was
gentle and offshore and the surf in the chest to shoulder
range.  No surf for me today!  To add insult to injury today
my wife is leaving for 3 weeks in Puerto Rico and the surf
she'll encounter upon her arrival looks really good too.

Oh well, some days you're just not supposed to do certain
things.  Guess I wasn't supposed to surf today.  There will be
other days I'm sure.  No worries, no complaints!

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