Saturday, February 14, 2009

Surf shops

I love the feature on Surfline ( 
about surf shops.  In my view local surf shops are
unique and wonderful places.  That's especially true
I think in colder climates and in places where waves
are less consistent.

Today was a bit chilly and blustery here in NJ. It
wasn't frigid or anything like that but it wasn't the
kind of day you'd want to spend long hours outdoors.
Many of us, by mid February,  have been stuck inside
long enough. To add to the cabin fever feeling, this winter
hasn't had the most frequent or consistent surf. So
where do you go to connect with the surfing culture on
a day like today?  A local surf shop.

You can almost always count on running into someone
at the shop.  They aren't there necessarily to buy anything,
although they usually they end up with something. They
are there more to hang out, talk a bit, watch some of a new 
film, avoid the honey do list, and discuss the world.  Often
they bring their kids.  Today I encountered a 3 year old trying
to get a skateboard moving, arms held out in a classic pose.
Of course the munchkin was dressed like a miniature surf
rat with tiny Uggs, jeans, unkempt hair and all.

What a great way to kill some time.  Can't do that at Walmart
or Costco.  Support your local surf shop.  There are few places
like it.

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