Monday, June 15, 2009


At one time or another every surfer, I dare say, every
person has to make some sort of adaptation, some sort
of adjustment to the things the ocean and life throw at us.
You don't ride a soft mushy beach break wave the same way
you ride a a hollow, ledgy, reef break. You can't use the same
board to ride Tres Palmas or Sunset as you do to ride Malibu.
We all have to make adjustments is our approach and in our

Often I see clients who have a difficult time making adjustments
and adapting to new situations. Sometimes it's a change in their
job status, sometimes it's the loss of a loved one, at other times
it might be adapting to a chronic illness, whatever it is we all
must learn to adjust and adapt.

As trite as it may sound, I've had to make my own adaptations
and adjustments as I heal from a broken ankle. I can't, or should
I more accurately say, should not be walking or putting too much
weight on my ankle. That means no surfing, walking, or running.
So how do I get my cardiovascular exercise in? How can I do my
yoga? How can I have physical fun? The answer is simple...adapt.
There are plenty of yoga postures I can do. There are plenty of
strength training exercises I can do. If I speed up my workout I
can get my heart rate going. If I eat less I don't have to worry about
the calories I am not burning. I can hang out with my friends,
enjoy being with, and watching them. Get pleasure from their

How are you adapting to the changes life has presented to you?
Are you trying to do the same thing the same way? Is your thinking
stuck? Are you feeling so insecure or afraid to make change? Try it.
Change your perspective, change your board, change the way you
ride the waves of your life. See these things as a challenge not a threat.
It's fun.

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mattd said...

I am not a surfer but I love the ocean. The constant rhythm of the waves and swells is a mirror of the heartbeat of life itself.
Last week, apropos of nothing I was checking conditions here on LI and via a link stumbled upon your site. I find your writing to be helpful and uplifting.