Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hope, optimism and sadness

If there is one thing we, as surfers, seem to have
it's a sense of hopefulness. We are always hoping
that there will be waves, that the wind will be right,
that it won't be too crowded etc. etc. Hope and
a sense of optimism are wonderful and sustaining things.

Sadly, when one has lost that sense of hope, lost all
optimism, life can seem unbearable. I'm sure we all
know of someone like that, someone who has given
up hope and adopted the perspective of pessimism.
All they can see is darkness and despair. They become
convinced that the waves will never get better. They confuse
feelings for facts.

I've been touched, once again, by another death of someone
I know. Unfortunately, they'd been consumed by hopelessness
and pessimism for many months. They were suffering believing
that their feelings were facts. How sad to end the human
experience in such a way. How unfortunate that they
were unable to believe that despite all the rain, clouds,
wind, and cold, a new swell will come, the wind will again blow
offshore, the sun will come out. I can only take some comfort
knowing that at least I was with them for the final parts of their
journey listening, sharing and trying to help provide some
hope and optimism. Trying to let them know feelings and facts
are two different things.

All I can do now is remember, feel touched by their spirit, and
learn yet another lesson as I surf the waves of life.

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