Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ground Hog Day Mindsurfing

When asked by the anchor person about the weather
forecast for today, the t.v. meteorologist smiled and
replied "you know that movie Ground Hogs Day where
every day is an exact replica of the day before it?".
That's what we've been dealing with here in NJ for about
2 months. Each day is about the same with clouds, grey
skies, and some rain. If you are a golf fan and watched the
US Open you saw firsthand.

The flip side of this weather has been the surf. The low
pressure system that is, in part, responsible for this sameness
is also responsible for a pretty decent stretch of rideable surf.
Since I broke my ankle 22 days ago and since then there's
been plenty of surf....figures.

I've watched loads of waves being ridden
and have actually been mindsurfing plenty of them myself.
Watching from the beach I feel myself paddle, pop up, and ride each
wave I see. I can actually feel my body respond, feel my muscles
react as set my back foot, turn, float a section, or hit the lip. I've
not always been mindsurfing the same board either. Some days
I've used my fish, a few days my log, and others my Skip Frye egg.
Curoiusly I've not yet tried my bonzer or quad yet. My body
doesn't yet know how they'll feel. Kind of weird isn't it?

I've taught many clients about using mental imagery for a host
of different purposes. It's a blast to have yet another opportunity
to use it myself, to gain deeper insight into its' power. Still, I can't
wait to get back in the water but for now...gotta go, there are perfect
little peelers I need to ride. Not sure which board I'll use yet.

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